Prior to raising a support ticket or question, you may find it more convenient to review our answers to frequently asked questions and useful information. If your question or information requirement are not found here, then please contact our support team using the details at the bottom of our support page.

How do I test my video is working?

Simply call and you’ll be prompted to speak “1…2…3” and this recording will loop back to you. If you can see and hear this then you’re good to go. If not, you can use the UCi2i firewall guide found on our page to ensure that you apply the correct settings to get video (and audio) working.

How do I join a conference by telephone?

You can find the details on in the document, 'Local country telephone dialling numbers'. This list is frequently updated as new locations become available to us. This list can also be found in our VC-Control application, via the VMR 'Settings' screen, under 'Telephone Numbers'. It's in this 'Settings' screen where you can also find the 'Conference ID' and PIN numbers that you would require.

Where can I find your Product user guides?

You can view all our user guides by going to the UCi2i support website, found at

How do I call an IP address using your vc-connect client?

To call an IP address using our VC-Connect client (desktop, mobile or browser), you just need to add '' after the IP address you wish to call. For example:

IP address to call:, then call:


To call a Skype for Business (S4B) address using our VC-Connect platform (hardware endpoint, desktop, mobile or browser), you just need to add 's4b.' before the S4B address you wish to call. For example:

S4B address to call:, then call:

I'm getting a security warning when installing vc-connect on A MAC 

This application is signed with Apple, but you may need to go into: System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General > then set ‘Allow apps to be downloaded from’ to be ‘Mac App Store and identified developers’. 

What firewall changes do i need to make to use this service?

Our firewall guide can be found on our support site: in the document, 'UCi2i firewall port requirements'.

I can't h.323 call into my vmr using the details provided, what's wrong?

On some older systems, you'll need to use the format - where 'xxxxx' is the conference ID instead of xxxxx@

How do I set up LYnc/skype for business to use your service?

Lync/Skype for Business users will need to have Open Federation set or add '' into their allowed Lync/Skype for Business domains list.

any hints and tips to get the best from video conferencing?

Sure, check out this guide we've put together.

Where do I find info on the security of your service?

We have a handy security document here that contains the details you're likely looking for.

What ports are needed for WEb browser calling (webRTC)?

WebRTC enables video and audio communication using a web browser (the main ones supported being Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera). BUT...

Whilst WebRTC is very convenient and simplifies video usage and minimises support, it still needs firewall tweaks and access to necessary servers:

  • For clients to exchange metadata to coordinate communication: this is called signaling.
  • To cope with network address translators (NATs) and firewalls.

To use our WebRTC service you will need to ensure that all those that use it have access to the address '' via port 19302 (UDP/TCP) and additionally HTTPS access to '' and port 443 (TCP).