New UCi2i Product Suite

UCi2i was founded with grand ambitions to bring unparalleled functionality and service to the world of business video conferencing. With each new day we’ve been realising this dream, working tirelessly to bring our partners and customers new applications and superior functionality.

Over time, the UCi2i R&D team have created four unique apps – all created as we identified a consumer or business need. Now the time has come to unify them under one clear branding and naming convention so that it’s easier for consumers, and therefore easier for our partners to explain and sell.

From the old to the new...

V-Connect  is now VC-Connect

V-Book is now VC-Book

V-Control is now VC-Control

RAR is now VC-Report


We appreciate the changes are subtle, but we feel using the 'VC' offers clarity that products are video conferencing products and not simply the commonly used 'V' for video. Real-time Activity Reporting or RAR has been changed to to better reflect its value as a useful tool for event reporting. 

The nitty-gritty

  • We've updated the URL’s for accessing these sites too. Don’t worry though, we will keep the old URL’s in place and put in an automatic redirect to the new URL.
  • Usernames and passwords will continue as before.
  • The new re-branding will only affect the UCi2i versions of the sites. Those partners with our white-label solutions will continue to use their sites as before. There are no changes for you or your customers.
  • Updated user guides can be found on our Support page on this site.

New site URL's