More face to face interaction, both inside and outside your organisation is the means to stronger,
efficient, longer-lasting business relationships. .

Find out how video conferencing can benefit your department.



For persuasive and supported visual communications. 

Bring your board members together, wherever they are, in HD quality and security. Enable your globally dispersed employees to present new ideas to the board face-to-face, without needing to travel and keep regular contact with your investors and stakeholders. 


For customer driven relationships.

Keeping on top of complex sales and purchase ledgers is often time consuming, especially when teams are run remotely.

With Virtual Meeting Rooms, you can bring your Finance team together instantly, wherever they are. 

human resources

For the interview that counts.

We work in a time poor world, where waiting around for people to show up for meetings, or spending hours re-working schedules, is stifling productivity.

On-demand video conferencing saves your HR department time and money, whether interviewing candidates abroad, face-to-face at no extra cost, or completing performance reviews and providing more flexible internal training and development schemes. 


For the expression that says more than words.

Negotiating contracts and holding meetings with clients are areas a legal team will often spend money and time on travel in order to have the crucial face-to-face time it takes to resolve sensitive legal matters.  

Bring your legal team and external teams together from any global location without the need to leave your office. 


For the fast learning trainee.

Virtual Meeting Rooms enable IT members to constantly and instantly be in face-to-face contact with their suppliers and clients, allowing for ad-hoc discussions that help eliminate potential issues from the onset. With most tasks given on the spot, IT departments often have to react fast and efficiently. Video conferencing allows the collaboration of geographically dispersed teams to engage a number of specialists to help solve a particular problem


For that personal touch.

Marketers are constantly liaising with contractors and agencies, as well as presenting to the board, managing product launches and holding company wide brand and marketing training sessions. These relationships become far more productive and cost efficient with video, reducing the approval process and time to market.  


For collaborative business on the move.

Providing fast, reliable and accurate information and support is crucial for today's operations teams. Help and support are needed simultaneously at the onset of a problem. Using Virtual Meeting Rooms for problem solving, meetings internally and with clients and customers, operations teams can ensure that the control is always at their fingertips. 


For closing that profitable deal 

Accelerate the rate at which you bring deals to a close by increasing the amount of face to face interaction you have with potential clients and customers, whilst lowering costs internally and reducing the need to travel with managed video. Video communications provide your sales team with clear non-verbal communication cues that can help you gauge people’s interest and agendas.