By UCi2i

UCi2i have partnered with Pinnaca - a leading global independent provider of managed video conferencing services - to provide the ongoing video services we offer to you, our partners and your customers.

A new solution provider, but with the same familiar features and applications.

Why have we done this?

We believe that working together, we can help to offer a more rounded product for you and your customers with the following enhancements to service.

Global 24x7 Support: Currently we only offer a 19x5 support service for our customers. Most of the time this is not a problem, but for added peace of mind you'll now have support available whenever you need it.

Service Delivery Team: You'll now have a client service delivery team available to assist you with operational support and service delivery.

Broad Product Portfolio: Currently we only offer the Pexip Infinity platform for video services. Moving forward we will be able to offer complimentary options that may better suit the requirements of your customers and unlocking new sales opportunities. To name a few:

  • Google Hangouts interop
  • Skype for Business interop
  • Teams interop
  • White Glove concierge services
  • Recording and Streaming
  • User and adoption training

Increased Resources and Skill Sets
We'll be able to offer a wider number of support agents spread over 4 support centers, with a larger skill set than we can currently offer. Supports centers are in EMEA, AsiaPac and North America.

Why Pinnaca?

Pinnaca have been a successful independent supplier of managed video services for the last 2 decades. They have a consistent record of moving customers from a 25% adoption rate, to over the 75% mark by continuously integrating video as a mission-critical business application. Ensuring high renewal rates and customer satisfaction targets are met.

What impact will this have on your customers?

The end customer experience is not going to change. It's the primary objective of this partnership that customers retain the same experience that they have today. Video registrations and VMR's will remain consistent and our web applications will still function as they do today.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be preparing to move services and to facilitate the new partnership we will be instigating a change window for maintenance to migrate the current services over to Pinnaca. The current schedule is 12th October and 30th November (dates subject to change). More details on these events will be provided nearer the time.

We're very excited about the future and the new opportunities it will present. To discuss this further or for more information, please email

Best regards,

The UCi2i Team