By Jonathan Phillips

The biggest moves and growth areas we see, are towards mobile and desktop conferencing and away from static room systems. This, in conjunction with the plethora of new cloud video services, (VaaS Video as a service)  cheaper bandwidth, more efficient low bandwidth codecs and virtualised infrastructure have seen the costs of mass deployment come down significantly. Small companies can now enable their entire workforce with HD video at a fraction of the cost.

We at UCi2i are now able to get all standards based videoconferencing platforms to work together seamlessly. Older H.323 SIP H.320 Lync, SFB, and Web RTC from any device, including laptops, mobile phone, Tablets as well as traditional video endpoints. Web RTC, a new technology that allows guest access to videoconferencing via a browser is revolutionising the industry. Mobile clients for tablets and phones that allow users to spin up a vmr ( virtual meeting room) and have a multiparty videoconference whilst away from the office, with multiple other people and locations is a reality. Sharing screens and data is also possible, and all encrypted too.

This represents a seismic shift from selling on premise hardware, and is an opportunity to outsource the complexity of buying managing and maintaining video infrastructure (MCU’s Gateways, Gatekeepers etc) and develop a recurring revenue stream from your customers with no upfront investment needed. Customers can pay monthly exactly like a mobile phone contract.

If you have never sold Video, or think it’s not for your business, I would encourage you to look at the opportunity again. Most business (including all of your customers) have suppliers and customers they need to interact with regularly, as well as dispersed teams of their own. Apart from the usual conversation around travel and time management, the real trick is spotting a unique application, a way in which your customers could benefit directly from using a cloud based videoconferencing service. It’s never really been about the technology, successful adoption and usage of video is all about how people are going to use it and what it will mean for them! Find out what their pain points are and see if video can help.

The trick is build up the number of customers and licenses incrementally over time, and establish that service based recurring revenue model. UCi2i even set up free two trials for partners who bring us new customer opportunities, with no obligation. However, once the customer has used the service the vast majority sign up straight away.

If you would like more information or are interested in becoming a partner, then contact or 07539 107967, Jonathan is the UCi2i EMEA Channel Manager, who will also be available to speak with directly at the Harrogate event.

Article originally posted in Comms Business Magaizine