VC-Connect - Point-to-point video

Our VC-Connect plan is a point-to-point (one-to-one), full video service for hardware video endpoints and soft clients on PCs, mobile and tablet devices. Our service plans are all fixed, low-cost monthly subscription plans with unlimited usage.

  • Registration for hardware and software endpoints (Desktop and Mobile platforms)
  • A unique video address for making and receiving calls
  • Point-to-point calls to standards-based video and Skype for Business
  • UCi2i portal for managing your service

£15 / $20 / €20 per month

Virtual meeting rooms

A Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) allows multiple participant calling over the UCi2i network.

  • Multiparty video meeting room
  • Supports standards-based video, Skype for Business and WebRTC
  • Unlimited streaming to YouTube, Facebook, or any other RTMP provider
  • Local audio dial-in access from over 30 countries
  • Guest access via any major web browser
  • Choose your meeting room size that suits
  • UCi2i portal for managing your service

From £39 / $55 / €50 per month

Optional upgrades for VC-Connect and Virtual meeting rooms


UCi2i's experts are at your service if anything goes wrong, at the time when you need them most.

  • Telephone, email and video support during Hong Kong and London business hours
  • Defined and published SLA

Up to 5 tickets/month: £49 / $55 / €50 per month
Unlimited tickets: £99 / $145 / €130 per month

VIP Addresses

Personalise your video address with our Video Identity Plan (VIP) to add another layer of professionalism.

  • Use your own domain name for your video addresses

£199 / $300 / €265 per month

Enterprise Sales

UCi2i offer alternative service plans for large scale enterprise deployments for more cost effective options and flexibility via our partners.

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