Providing timely, reliable and frequent face to face interaction with your customers, clients, partners and staff is crucial in any business.


The benefits for education are truly changing the way we teach, learn and improve our professional development. From attracting those who would otherwise see higher, distance or part-time education as an impracticality, to cutting costs, growing revenues and enhancing teaching techniques and better preparing students for a more collaborative, technically advanced workplace.

Video In Your Department - HEALTHCARE


Healthcare institutions are seeking better ways to provide patient care and treatment, allowing patients to be seen faster and more cost effectively. Demand is on the rise to connect healthcare providers with patients regardless of location. With video, hospitals can save money and resources by minimising missed appointments, emergency units can speed up response time, video consultations will replace those appointments that don't need psychical examinations, and healthcare training is transformed.

Video In Your Department - HEALTHCARE


Regardless of the economic climate, financial firms always look for more productive ways to serve their customers and clients. Investment companies require a lot of face to face time with clients, high street banks need to provide the highest quality customer service to compete in the market, and fund managers need immediate and collaborate communications to come to quick and informed decisions – just to name a few.

Video In Your Department - FINANCE


Legal professionals are transforming the legal system by using video conferencing to improve productivity, efficiencies, reduce costs, grow revenue and service cases anywhere in the world. To stay competitive in the marketplace, legal firms are using video communications to improve client satisfaction, retention and manage higher and more profitable workloads.

Video In Your Department - LEGAL


The market forces impacting manufacturing supply chains today are driven by the consumer and their constant expectation for price reductions, innovation and time-to-market reductions. Video conferencing enables suppliers to coordinate simultaneously, face to face, at any time, without the need to travel.

Video In Your Department - MANUFACTURING


People are increasingly expecting a more personalised customer experience. More face to face contact is the means of building closer, longer lasting and more fruitful business relationships. By using video conferencing, professional services companies are establishing more efficient and effective ways of serving customers and clients, strengthening their position in the market.

Video In Your Department - PROFESSIONAL SERVICES


Retail professionals rely on relationships with their customers and the ability to provide a high standard of customer service and care. Whether you work for a retail chain or a department store, video can create cost effective ways to communicate, collaborate and serve customers at the highest standard. Connecting stores and inventory, increasing employee interaction and operations, providing remote support, access to virtual product experts with in-store video kiosks – it’s all possible with video conferencing.

Video In Your Department - RETAIL